Pub Club FAQ

How do I join Pub Club?
To join Pub Club all you need to do is let your server or bartender know you’d like to join and they will give you a card. Then you simply register your card here or by downloading our free Pub Club app. Search Pub Club in the app store. You can “reverse register” here and you will be issued a digital card that you can keep or trade in for an old fashioned plastic card. Either way, you’re in!

How do I activate my card?
Your server or bartender will activate your card for you, then you can just register here.

How do I register?
You can register here or download our app. Cards must be activated before registering. You will need your card number and six digit code from the back of your card.

How do I earn Pub Cash?
You will start earning Pub Cash on your purchases as soon as you are given a Pub Club card or digital number. Just let your server know you are a Pub Club member, give them your card, digital number, name, or phone number to associate your purchases with your account.

How do I redeem Pub Cash?
In order to redeem your Pub Cash, you must have fully registered your card. You can do that here. Once you are registered, you can redeem your earned pub cash on your next visit. You may only redeem pub cash once per day.

Where can I see my balance?
Check your balance and view other account information here or by downloading our free app on your mobile device. From your device search Pub Club in the app store.

Can I give my Pub Cash to someone else?
No. Pub Cash is non-transferable.

Can I earn or redeem Pub Cash on my private party or event?
You cannot earn Pub Cash on your event or private party. In some cases you may redeem Pub Cash for your event or private party however arrangements must be made with Cara Irish Pubs’ Event Coordinators. Click here to contact the pub.

Can I earn and redeem Pub Cash at all your locations?
Yes! Absolutely! You can earn and redeem Pub Cash at all four locations; The Local MinneapolisThe LiffeyKieran’s, and The Local West End.

Does my Pub Cash expire?
Pub Cash never expires provided your account remains active by making qualified purchases. Accounts with no activity for 24 consecutive months will be deactivated and any Pub Cash in the Pub Club account will be forfeited immediately without notice.

What if I don’t want to give you all my information?
The information we request from you is required to give you the most relevant information possible. We do not share your information with anyone else, and will never do so unless required by law.

What do you do with the information I give you?
The information we get from you is used to send you relevant and valuable promotional offers. Your information is safe with us.

Do I have to carry a plastic card?
Nope! You can choose to carry a card, use our app, use a digital number, or simply give your server or bartender your phone number or name and they can pull up your account.

Can you give me cash for my Pub Cash?
Nope, sorry. Pub Cash cannot be exchanged for cash.

What if I lose my card?
Don’t fret! Send an email to and we will take care of it!

Where can I get information that isn’t listed here?
If you have questions that aren’t listed here, you can send an email to

When will I see my Pub Cash on my account?
You will see your earned Pub Cash on your account immediately after your check is closed. However, you cannot redeem that Pub Cash until your next visit.

What if I don’t have an email address?
You need to have a valid email address to be a member of Pub Club. It is required for registration, and we are unable to make exceptions. Sorry!

I already signed up, why do I need to register my account?
Registration is required to redeem Pub Cash and other promotional rewards.

What should I do if my card is cancelled due to inactivity?
If your card is cancelled and you would like to reactivate it, please email

How do I opt out of Pub Club?
We’d hate to see you go! However if you must, you can use the “Opt-out” button on the bottom of any Pub Club email you received or by emailing

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